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Updated on July, 2009

    Welcome to Sivaselvi software online learning system. Sivaselvi specialises in teaching online using native code(C++), platform independent java and Oracle technologies for Windows and Linux Operating system. Please feel free to download open source code freely available for software development or learning. All the source code is available in this web site is free to use.

    We have developed some projects in windows and Linux environment. That source codes are helpful for beginners who are learn the languages. We have explained many tips and frequently asked questions for interview.

    Note: The source code provided by this site is fully functional. If you find any errors or feel to improve the accurate information about the technology, please send me suggestion. If you have any qureis, please don't hesitate in contacting me to discuss your specific query.

Update in Articles section:

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Microsoft C++ : Linear and Binary Search

Microsoft C++ : Stack and Queue

Real world for final year student

    We have some documentation related to programming and database technologies. We are not an export for programming. So, This website may helpful for beginner/intermediate level programmers and database administrators.

    We are Microsoft Most Valuable professional in VC++, Sun certified java Programmer 5.0 and Oracle certified professional (9i). We write some articles in codeproject, MSDN India, etc. We would like to program, design and architect products in efficient way. Please check our profiles.

Contact me : selvamselvam at hotmail.com