Casting on Knitting Boards

For practice. Pull about 16 inches off your ball of yarn. Make a slip knot. I am using the adult travel loom so it is easier to see what is happening.

Place slip knot on first peg of your knitting board. Turn the board around and ewrap the peg directly across from the slip knot

Lay the yarn from your tail end across the peg. Lift bottom loop over top. This is just like flat knitting, except the tail end of the yarn is used for the top wrap.

You ewrap with the yarn from your ball and the second thread is from the yarn you pulled off when you started.

Turn the board around and ewrap the next peg. Lay yarn end over peg and knit off again. Repeat this process going from one side of the board to the other.

When you have cast on the whole board you will see a series of stitches running down the center of the board. This is what would have been the nasty loops on the bottom of your work. By casting on this way your work has a neat finished bottom, just a needle knitting does. This is a dishcloth I made with a single strand of cotton yarn. Notice how neat the bottom is